Varna Municipality
Ministy of Culture
National Artschool "Dobri Hristov"

Art Director: Prof. MINCHO MINCHEV

The courses of the International Summer Music Academy were the first music master classes organized in Bulgaria since 1984. It is an ingenious artistic laboratory where the young talents improve their mastery through the process of communication with renowned musicians and pedagogues. The master classes in combination with the concerts of tutors and participants enrich the professional skills of young musicians and create an atmosphere where they begin to establish their artistic career. Many of the students are already participants in various festivals.

The prestige of the Academy has been establish by the names of renowned professors such as Yfrah Neaman, Roza Fain, Vera Gornostaeva, Germaine Mounier, Boris Bloch, Janos Starker, Robert Cohen, Karl Osterreicher, Andras Adorjan, Vaclav Junek, Edward Tarr, Siegfried Fink, Thomas Martin, Hermann Baumann, Margarita Lilova, Lazar Berman, Catherine Vickers, Frank Lloyd, Michael Roll, Joaquin Clerch…

In recent years the Art Director Prof. Mintcho Mintchev has realized his overall idea for joined-up concerts of the tutors which take place only here. Everyday work, freedom and creative contacts between the different generations, sometimes the sudden transformation of one young musician, the magic of the festival stage, ensemble performances – all that which is born right here right now and everything else enhanced by the striving after artistic excellence and invention create the unique experience of the Academy.

Since 2013, within the framework of the International Summer Music Academy creative meetings have been held with visiting artists - participants in the concert program. Creative meetings, called "Blitz Varna Summer", include interviews as a free talk with the performers, and a short workshop. Meetings are open to all listeners, and not only establish close contact between artists and their audience, but also provide an opportunity for direct communication between young musicians and renowned artists.

Teachers through the years

Prof. Dmitri Bashkirov
Prof. Mincho Minchev
Anna Tomowa-Sintow
Prof. Henri Sigfridsson
Anna Vandi
Cesare Scarton
Santa Cecilia Opera Studio
Prof. Joaquín Clerch
Prof. Michael Roll
Prof. Mie Miki
Prof. Alexander Hülshoff
Prof. Jone Kaliunaite
Prof. Niek de Groot
Prof. Xenia Jankovic
Prof. Nahum Shtarkman
Prof. Catherine Vickers
Prof. Boris Bloch
Prof. Pierre Feit
Prof. Christian Rieger
Prof. Frank Lloyd
Tatiana Koleva
Prof. Manfred Lindner
Prof. Mikhail Voskresensky
Prof. Andras Adorjan
Prof. Robert Cohen

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