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  Pictures from the concert 2009
Sinfonietta Orchestra - Varna

The Sinfonietta Orchestra was founded in 2004 at the Varna Municipality.

The artistic activity of Sinfonietta Orchestra under the conductorship of Milko Kolarov has been a significant contribution to the differentiation of the musical and cultural diversity of such a city as Varna. (newspaper Kultura, 2008) During the short period of its existence the orchestra has won a strong reputation in the city’s cultural life for its refined performances featuring outstanding Bulgarian soloists and young talents. Priority on the formation of the orchestra is the relationship between experienced orchestra performers and younger musicians. Art director of the Orchestra is the Bulgarian composer and conductor Prof. Milko Kolarov. In 2006 the Sinfonietta was awarded with the prestigious Varna Prize for “its successful appearances and contributions to the changes in the music life style of Varna”.

Milko Kolarov (b. 1946) graduated with excellence in two subjects at the Music Academy of Sofia – composition with Prof. Pancho Vladigerov and orchestral conducting with Prof. Konstantin Iliev. In 1986-87 he specialized in Paris. Awarded with a number of prestigious national and international prizes. Professor in instrumental studies, symphonic orchestration and conducting. Milko Kolarov’s works have been published, recorded and performed successfully in many countries all over the world. He has been a jury member at various national and international contests. Chairman of the Dobri Hristov Foundation.

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