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  Pictures from the concert 2010
  Varna Chamber Orchestra - audio
Gancho Ganchev with Varna Chamber Orchestra

Gancho Ganchev graduated from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv where he studied orchestral conducting with Prof. I. Spasov.

Varna Chamber Orchestra was founded in 2004 by Gancho Ganchev at the Culture Department, Municipality of Varna. The ensemble is an active participant in the city’s cultural life – it has given over 90 concerts with symphonic, opera and modern music, featuring renowned Bulgarian and foreign musicians.
Gancho Ganchev  is a chief artistic director and conductor of the Varna Chamber Orchestra and Varna Children’s Opera.Within his professional career he has had over 1500 appearances /concerts, shows and various music and music-theater performances/. He has been conductor and producer of more than 14 musicals and has orchestrated and arranged theater and symphonic music, chamber pieces and songs. He has toured Bulgaria, a number of European countries and Canada and has made recordings for BNR and CBS, Canada. Mr. Ganchev has been an adjudicator at national and international competitions. He was awarded Shofar Prize by the Shalom Organization (2010) and Golden Lyre by the Union of Bulgarian Musicians and Dancers (2013).

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