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Международен музикален фестивал Варненско лято

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This band, with its blend of world music, flamenco, and jazz on a breathtaking show, has put live music scene in Spain upside down, and is now having a worldwide impact, with more than 84 thousand followers on Facebook, 22 million visits on Youtube and concerts around the world.

Inspired in fusion greats like Weather Report, Corea ́s Electric Band, Herbie Hancock or Joe Zawinul and directly influenced by the Jazz of Irakere, WayneShorter, Miles Davis, Hermeto Pascoal and Paco de Lucía to name a few, this projects takes fusion to a new place, where a communion between flamenco and afrocuban folklore is the key ingredient of a magical recipe. Patax is already one of Europe´s most promising fusion projects, and this has just only started...

Another unique feature of Patax is the fact that it is lead by a percussionist. Jorge Perez, musical director and composer of the band is a multipercussionist trained first in Spain, then Cuba and finally at Berklee College of Music, where he graduated with a performance mayor.

His multicultural background might be one of the reasons that makes Patax so stylistically unique, blending such different styles like flamenco, funk, salsa, rock and Jazz creating a new genre of its own. Perez is today one of the most demanded percussionists in his field, endorsed internationally by Meinl and Remo.

Patax´s first album, Live From Infinity (Youkalimusic 2012), is a groundbreaking work that changed the approach of how to present a jazz album in Spain. Every single tune in that album was released also in video. Everybody could see the recording session of each song in Youtube in full HD.

After the success of Patax´s videos, dozens of bands, started repeating the same process the following years. Not only copying the idea, but also the same studio and crew!!

Patax´s second album, Patax Plays Michael (Youkalimusic 2015), where the bands reinterprets Michael Jackson´s greatest hits in the most surprising ways, has been a hit, with more than 3 million visits to the recording session videos in Youtube so far. 

The band´s third album, A Night To Remember (Youkalimusic 2016), was once again a new step in creativity and innovation. Recorded live in a crowded theater in Madrid, the band made a statement: They sound live as if they were recording in a studio! every single track in that live album is a first take, as jazz was always supposed to be.

Only in the last year Patax has been requested to play in France, Portugal, Morocco, Costa Rica, Panamá, Perú, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Finland, Croatia, Czech Republic and Spain. Today Patax is the true incarnation of modern fusion Jazz. Its accurate to say that its crew is an all star team of a strong generation of virtuosos located in Spain, that is followed with attention from all around the world.

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