Piano Duo Dessislava Shtereva and Evgenia Simeonova

13 transcriptions for two pianos of remarkable pieces by Pancho Vladigerov

From Horo Staccato, full of joyful Balkan spirit to the Scandinavian feel of the Swedish dance, from Foxtrot to Horo and everything in between – that is what you will be able to listen to at the special concert, dedicated to the music of the great Bulgarian composer Pancho Vladigerov, presented by two Bulgarian pianists with solid academic background – Dessislava Shtereva and Evgenia Simeonova. More than 25 years ago they started a career as a piano duo that took them (and their audiences) to a wonderful and interesting journey full of less known or long forgotten pieces they passionately had rediscovered as well as with music especially composed for them. Shtereva and Simeonova had performed at every important festival stage in Bulgaria; they have awards from international competitions in Italy and Japan; they were the first in Bulgaria to record all of Antonin Dvorak’s pieces for 4 hands. Now they had put together another intriguing and unique program – 13 of Pancho Vladigerov pieces, arranged by the composer himself for two pianos. It was during the last years of his life, when he carefully chose which exactly of his pieces to transform – so in this selection one can hear the famous Vardar Rhapsody, Bulgarian suite and other masterpieces of his musical legacy. Dessislava Shtereva and Evgenia Simeonova received a Crystal Lyra award for the design and interpretation of this program!

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