Rodney Clarke – baritone and Marina Savova – piano

Rodney Clarke – baritone
Marina Savova – piano

“From the British Isles to the New World”
Vaughan Williams-The Songs of Travel
Gerald Finzi – Let Us Garlands Bring
Aaron Copland – Old American Songs

Songs of Travel. From the British Isles to the New World

Commitment to musical excellence and dedication to the piano accompaniment – these are the values of the pianist Marina Savova. Born in Varna, she had graduated from the National Academy of Music in Sofia in the piano class of prof. Atanas Kurtev and then continued her studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London. There she met the baritone Rodney Clarke– not only a brilliant singer but also part of the team of BBC’s TV hosts for the Proms and they are actively performing all over the UK. Interesting and rarely performed program – that’s another asset of this concert. Vaughan Williams, Finzi, and Copland evoke a sense of place and time, inviting listeners on a journey through the landscapes of England and America. Sources of inspiration come from poems of Robert Louis Stevenson (Vaughan Williams), Shakespeare (Finzi) and Appalachian folklore (Copland) and all three of them celebrate through their music the tradition, national identity and human experience. Your guides in this wonderful journey will be two superb musicians with an infallible sense for nuances.

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