Artistic director, choreographer Vartan Bassil Artistic director, piano Christoph Hagel Music J. S. Bach Cast: Flying Steps WHERE BREAKDANCE MEETS CLASSICAL MUSIC PERFORMED BY BREAKDANCE WORLD CHAMPIONS Bach and breakdance don’t go well together? The four-time breakdance world champion Flying Steps and...
Documentary movie screening and jazz concert with EKATERINA WLADIGEROFF (piano), ALEXANDER WLADIGEROFF (trumpet, flugelhorn), KONSTANTIN WLADIGEROFF (piano, clarinet), VASIL HAJIGRUDEV – guest (contrabass) The heirs of the great Bulgarian composers Pancho Wladigeroff and his son Alexander Wladigeroff present a film and a...
MÁRIO LAGINHA’S PIANO AND CAMANÉ’S VOICE TOGETHER IN THE PROJECT “AQUI ESTÁ-SE SOSSEGADO”. Camané and Mário Laginha are no strangers. They have already given several concerts together. From the excellent understanding felt in those sporadic collaborations, the inevitable deepening of that symbiosis...
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