International Summer Academy

Art Director: Prof. Mincho Minchev

The courses of the International Summer Music Academy were the first music master classes organized in Bulgaria. It is an ingenious artistic laboratory where the young talents improve their mastery through the process of communication with renowned musicians and pedagogues. The master classes in combination with the concerts of tutors and participants enrich the professional skills of young musicians and create an atmosphere where they begin to establish their artistic career. Today many of the students are musicians with European and international careers.The prestige of the Academy has been establish by the names of renowned professors such as Yfrah Neaman, Roza Fain, Vera Gornostaeva, Germaine Mounier, Boris Bloch, Janos Starker, Robert Cohen, Janos Starker, Robert Cohen, Karl Osterreicher, Andras Adorjan, Vaclav Junek, Edward Tarr, Siegfried Fink, Thomas Martin, Hermann Baumann, Margarita Lilova, Lazar Berman, Catherine Vickers, Frank Lloyd, Michael Roll, Joaquin Clerch.

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