Ballet performance, music by Astor Piazzolla
Co-production of State Opera Varna and IMF “Varna Summer”

Choreography by Sabrina Bosco

Starring guest-soloists:
Eva Nazareth Suárez Pérez and Federico Mella
State Opera Varna Soloists and Ballet

““Libertango” is a journey through the world of tango … We start with the memory of his birth in Argentina, life on the streets with the characters of their gangsters, and an elegant invitation to dance, ending with a spectacular dance party at a nightclub.

Passion, sensuality, elegance, and love are emphasized by the music by Astor Piazzolla and the voice of the great singer – Milva.

A neoclassical ballet that emphasizes male and female figures and combines tango style with the technical virtuosity of classical ballet.”

Sabrina Bosco, choreographer
Sabrina Bosco is an international choreographer and Maitre du Ballet of the most prestigious ballet companies in the world. After staging Libertango in Skopje with 40 ballet dancers, along with ballet director Olga Pango, her next project, La Vie Parisienne, a one-act ballet depicting Parisian life through four paintings backed by music, is taking place at the Belgrade Opera of the wonderful Edith Piaf.

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