Paganini Ensemble Vienna

Mario Hossen – Violin
Marta Potulska -Viola
Liliana Kehayova – Violoncello
Alexander Swete – Guitar

Nicolo Paganini
Quartetto No.15 M.S.42
Capriccio a violino solo “Nel cor piu non mi sento” M.S.44
Sonata Concertata M.S.2
Quartetto No.14 M.S.41

Unknown works by Paganini to be performed by the Paganini Ensemble Vienna

The concert on July 3, dedicated to works by Paganini, will be a beautiful surprise for the audience of Varna Summer IMF – the musicians of Paganini Ensemble Vienna will perform rarely played compositions by the genius composer, including a guitar in the ensemble.
A little-known fact for the wide audience is Paganini’s mastery of the guitar, an instrument he included in his chamber music, together with the violin, viola and violoncello.

The Paganini Ensemble Vienna was created by Mario Hossen – the virtuoso violinist, considered as one of the leading interpreters of Paganini music. Together with the well-established European instrumentalists Marta Potulska – viola, Lilyana Kehayova – violoncello, and Alexander Svete – guitar, the ensemble is committed to these rarely played (chamber music) compositions. These works offer not only technical virtuosity and moments of tremendous passion, but also passages expressing great tenderness, suffering, and joy. Paganini’s chamber music is exceptionally demanding of the musicians who interpret it. These are not pieces composed for a soloist and accompanists – to the contrary, they demand a maximum of every instrument, be it the violin, guitar, viola, or violoncello.

The program of the concert includes Paganini’s masterpieces: Quartetto No.15 M.S.42, Capriccio a violino solo “Nel cor piu non mi sento” M.S.44, Sonata Concertata M.S.2, Quartetto No.14 M.S.41.