Sete Lagrimas Consort ECMC – Early and Contemporary Music Consort

Filipe Faria and Sérgio Peixoto – singers, founders
Tiago Matias – vihuela
Juan de la Fuente – percussions

With the kind assistance of the Embassy of Portugal / Instituto Camoes, Sofia

Music from the 5 continents that had some kind of historical, linguistic, cultural connection with Portugal.
1. Que’eu maneira de Proençal, D. Dinis (1261-1325)
2. San Giuseppe e la Madonna, Tradicional (Itália/Lombardia)
3. Folia, Gaspar Sanz (ca. 1640-1710)
4. Senhora del mundo, vilancico anón. (s. XVI)
5. Yamukela, tradicional (África do Sul/Moçambique) sobre arr. Pe. Arnaldo Taveira Araújo
6. Menina você que tem, Lundun (s. XVIII/XIX)
7. MInina dos olhos verdes, Vilancico anónimo (s. XVI)
8. Muwashah
9. Pues que veros, Filipe Faria (n.1976) e Sérgio Peixoto (n.1974)
10. Bastiana, Trad. (Macau/China)
11. Mai fali é, Trad. (Timor)
12. Sarambeque de Abreu (s. XVII)
13. A força de cretcheu, Eugénio Tavares (1867-1930)
14. Takeda no komoriuta, tradicional (Japão)
15. El noi de la mare, Trad. (Espanha/Catalunha)
16. Ganinha, minha ganinha, Modinha (s. XVIII)
17. Dos estrellas le siguen, Manuel Machado (c.1590-1646)

Sete Lagrimas Consort – the beauty and challenges of the Portuguese Music

Sete Lagrimas – Early and Contemporary Music Consort – one of a kind ensemble of musicians united by innovative conceptual projects centered around the dialogue between the past and today. Founded in Lisbon in the last year of the 20th century by Filipe Faria and Sergio Peixoto, Sete Lágrimas ECMC – Early and Contemporary Music Consort – takes its name from the innovative collection of dances by the renaissance composer John Dowland. Тhe innovative approach to the code of the early music together with respect and faithful reading of the performance principles of Early music has become their signature mark. Sete Lagrimas Consort have performed at all the major festivals in Portugal, they keep giving concerts all over Europe. The musical formation brings together musicians from different musical backgrounds around conceptual projects fuelled both by original musicological research and innovative, irreverent and creative processes centred on sounds, instrumentation and memories of Early Music. Their special projects are happening in different countries (Luxembourg, France, Austria) and include other orchestras and universities. Come and listen to the rich musical past of Portugal interpreted by the new generation of musicians!

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