Yana Burova and Sibila Konstantinova

Yana Burova – violin
Sibila Konstantinova – piano
Beethoven – Sonata No2 A major, Оp. 12
Dimitar Bodurov – Sonata “Inevitable Dance” – world premiere
Arno Babadjanyan – Sonata B minor – Bulgarian premiere

On 30 July at 7 p.m. in the City Art Gallery of Varna, the violinist Yana Burova and the pianist Sibila Konstantinova will perfrom three sonatas for violin and piano by the composers Beethoven, Bodurov and Babadjanyan.

The two instrumentalists are looking for works that are less known to the Bulgarian audience, such as the sonata for violin and piano by Arno Babadjanyan. It was composed in 1959 and was dedicated to Dmitri Shostakovich. They have chosen that work because of the music palette covered by the Armenian composer, which is a challenge for the performers. That will be the first performance of the sonata in Bulgaria.

Another premiere will be the performance of the sonata for violin and piano by Dimitar Bodurov, who has diverse works of wide palette. It was written in 2012, but the version for violin and piano has been adapted especially for that duet. It is based on a folklore leading motif, which changes from a playful dance into a serious dialogue, then into lament, and finally back into a dance again.

Beethoven’s Sonata No 2 in A major for violin and piano in three parts will also be performed – a charming and bright sonata, composed in 1797-98 (together with Sonatas No 1 and No 3), which is dedicated to Antonio Salieri.

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