Pioneer Youth Philharmonic Orchestra

Pioneer Youth Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor Lyubomir Denev Jr.
Symphonic Dances
Brahms, Rachmaninov, Vladigerov, Alan Menken

Pioneer Youth Philharmonic Orchestra is unique in many ways; even Lenard Bernstein was amazed by the way they play when he met (and conducted at the rehearsal) them in New York during their US tour in 1979. Founded by the respected Bulgarian conductor Vladi Simeonov back in 1952, Pioneer Philharmony had toured the world with some of the now-famous Bulgarian instrumentalists being part of the orchestra as teenagers. And the tradition is alive – after several years break, in 2008 the orchestra was re-established. Its conductor now is Lubo Denev Jr – a fine young conductor with several important prizes won in Berlin and Los Angeles who had recorded music of film composers such as Alan Silvestri and Ennio Morricone. He has led Pioneer Philharmonic Orchestra to give concerts in Vienna, Berlin, Budapest, Nis, Odrin and Thessaloniki and the audiences were amazed by the quality and vividness of their performance! Now this unique orchestra is coming to Varna with a program of Symphonic dances (Brahms, Rachmaninov, Vladigerov) and the music from Aladdin, composed by the world-famous Alan Menken who has 8 Academy awards and 11 Grammys!

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