International symposium – Concert I

Claude DEBUSSY – Syrinx
Mario Carbotta – Flute

Maurice RAVEL – La Valce for two pianos
Milena Mollova, Milena Radinska

Claude DEBUSSY – Violin Sonata
Francesco Manara – Violin, Мilena Mollova – Piano

Alban BERG – Piano Sonata
Ivan Martin – Piano

Maurice RAVEL – Piano Trio
Francesco Manara -Violin, Frédéric Audibert – Cello, Emanuela Piemonti -Piano

Music virtuosos present French Modernism

Part of the International Symposium within the Varna Summer 2022 festival are the concerts on July 4, 5 and 6. In the three concerts, renown virtuosos will present works by Debussy, Ravel, Berg, Faure, Schoenberg, Caesar Frank – an attractive encounter for music lovers with the richness and originality of French modernism in music.

The first concert will take place on July 4 at the City Art Gallery. The Italian flute master Mario Carbotta, the pianists Prof. Milena Mollova and Milena Radinska, Ivan Martin and Emanuela Piemonti, as well as Francesco Manara (violin) and Frederic Audibert (cello) will perform on the chamber stage of the gallery.

The program will include works by Claude Debussy – “Syrinx” and Violin Sonata, La Valce for two pianos and Piano Trio by Ravel and Piano Sonata by Alban Berg.

The concert is part of the International Symposium, dedicated in 2022 to French modernism. The attendees will have the unique opportunity to listen to Prof. Hartmut Krones, Lily Goleminova and other notable researchers of music culture from France, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Austria. The theorists will analyse the style and works of French modernist composers, their relationship with the New Viennese school and the influence of the French school on the music of Bulgarian composers.