International symposium – Concert II

Germain TALIEFERRE – Piano Trio
Maria Dolores Gaitan-Piano, Kristina Hinova – Violin, Sandro Laffranchini – Cello)

Claude DEBUSSY – Trois chansons de Bilitis
Graziela Valcheva Fierro – Mezzosoprano, Victoria Vassilenko -Piano

Alphonse HASSELMANS – Gitana
Floraleda Sacchi – Harp

Anton WEBERN – 4 Stücke for Violin and Piano
Olivier Charlier -Violin, Marcello Mazzoni – Piano

Gabriel FAURE – Piano Quartet No. 1, C minor, op.15
Olivier Charlier – Violin, Gerard Causse – Viola, Frédéric Audibert – Cello, Marcello Mazzoni – Piano

French Modernism in music

The second of a series of concerts dedicated to French modernism in music will take place on July 5 at the City Art Gallery. European musicians with a long-term interest in chamber music will perform works by Claude Debussy, Anton Webern, Germain Talieferre, Gabriel Faure and Alphonse Hasselmans. The audience of Varna Summer International Music Festival 2022 will experience the richness of emotions and music styles of the European composers of this period.
Musicians from Bulgaria, Italy, France and Austria will perform on the festival stage – among them are Maria Dolores Gaitan – piano, Floraleda Sacchi – harp, Kristina Hinova – violin, Sandro Laffranchini – cello, Graziela Valcheva Fierro – mezzosoprano, Victoria Vassilenko – piano, Olivier Charlier – violin, Marcello Mazzoni – piano, Gerard Causse – viola, Frédéric Audibert – cello.

The concert is part of the International Symposium, dedicated in 2022 to French modernism. The attendees will have the unique opportunity to listen to Prof. Hartmut Krones, Lily Goleminova and other notable researchers of music culture from France, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Austria. The theorists will analyse the style and works of French modernist composers, their relationship with the New Viennese school and the influence of the French school on the music of Bulgarian composers.

The program includes works by Debussy, Anton Webern, Alphonse Hasselmans, Gabriel Faure, Germain Talieferre.